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Tips for buying a car

You have to consider these aspects, when you want to buy a new car

When you want to buy a new car, there are many aspects that you have to consider, especially when it is your first car. So if you just passed the test for your driving license, this text is for you.

Don´t make the decision on your own

When you are young and you don´t know anything about mechanical work, or havent seen the bottom of a car yet, it is better that you ask pickup-418333_640your parents to accompany you, when you look for a new car. There are many black sheeps out there. Since not everyone knows a lot about mechanical work, or motors and the ignition in general, it is likely that you meet a person that wants you to pay for a car that isnt even worth two cents.

Don´t make the decision when you are angry

Decision making processes shall be tought in school. Everyday you make hundreds of decisions, often without even thinking about them, because your subconscious takes care of them and decides for you. But there are times, when you shouldnt make any decision. For example, when you are upset about something, or when you had a bad day at school or work, or when you got an injury from a member of the other team.

The reason for that is pretty simple. Your mind focuses on the bad situation that just occured. It has few or almost none capacities to focus on the aspects of the decision. So if you are mad, take a step back and then relax. The car will be available tomorrow too.

Read, talk, listen and repeat

iphone-410311_640Like it was stated in the beginning: When you are young and have no clue about cars, it is better that you inform yourself first about the topic. There are many ways, in which you can do that. You could make a quick internet search, or if you don´t want to read a text, why don´t you watch Youtube? There are many videos that give you valuable advice’s, that focus on buying a car.

And don´t underestimate the knowledge of elderly people. When they were young, internet wasn´t available and television broadcasted only a handful of channels. Therefore they had to gain knowledge through trial and error. They know a lot more, than you might think. Even things that might seem to be useless. Like things about the keys.

This text has shown that there are many things that you have to take into account, when you want to buy a brand new car. It is very likely that you don´t know about mechanical aspects and that you might need help. Take this help, when it is offered from your dad or your granddad. And otherwise, just ask them if they want to accompany you when you take a look at some nice cars. It will be a nice trip, where you will learn a lot and you company will enjoy themselves too.
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Buy a car online

Buy a car online – Is that a good idea?

education-548105_640The internet has made it possible that you do can many things online. Take shopping, communication or even gambling. While the companies do their best to create the best possible feeling for their customers, there are many risks in the online world and that is definitely true when it comes to shopping.

There is almost no day when the media doesn´t communicate anything about internet scam, online banking security issues or data crime. Even states and politicians are in the scope of criminals. The same applies when you want to buy a new car, for example at Ebay or any other car platform like Autotrader or Truecar.

Listen to your intuition

This tip might sounds strange, since it can´t be really tested, but you now the saying: Listen to your gut. That is especially true when it comes to shopping. Have you ever had the feeling that the employee is a little bit too nice? Or that he or she is mirroring your body language? That doesn´t feel to good, he and probably you didn´t buy anything. Why? Because your intuition signalized to you that something is wrong.

Ask for pictures

Language is one of the most powerful means that exist. With language you are able to not only communicate, but to inform entertain and to be persuasive. Consider a sells man that exactly knows what he or she has to tell you in order to get your desire to buy the new car. But do you know if that information is true? No and you can´t until you have seen a picture of the car. The rims might be a little older and the ignition might look bad, although the sells man stated that he just assembled a new ignition.

Ask for a test ride

Have you ever bought a bicycle without riding it first? Of course you didn´t. The feeling for the bicycle is extremely important and so is the feeling for the car. So if you meet with the seller, ask him or her for a quick test ride. They can sit next to you and answer your questions if you have any. If you don´t use this chance, you might buy a car that doesn´t drive that good anymore.

What are the main differences between offline and online shopping when you want to buy a new car?

One of the aspects that differ is that you don´t see the car directly. You only see photos and they might be manipulated or are done in acar-key-842106_640 way that makes the car look better, for example when the photos are done with a lower resolution so you can´t see the damages so good.
The seconds difference is that you can´t use the clues in interpersonal communication in an online environment. That means that you can´t see the gestures and mimics of the sales person or can´t detect their voice for any suspicious tones etc. Concluding, that your mind has to be sharper when you want to buy a car online.
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